Beginning JWT in Laravel

Intsall the followoing package in your Laravel project First you can install the third-party JWT package by running the following command in your terminal

Open config/app.php and add the following provider to the providers array:

Use the following command to publish JWT provider

Now you can use following command to generate […]

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Introduction to JWT

JWT stands for JASON Web Token which is an open standard based on RFC 7519 You can use JWT to securely transfer information between any two bodies using JSON objects which is digitally signed so information is trusted and verified JWT can send data via URL, POST request or HTTP header. JWT itself has the […]

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Vue.js components for your development

Vue Notification Vue Date Picker Vue Yes/No dialoag

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Vue.js on:change event

Vue has the change event which will be fired when you change the data in your html controlls So you can add the textChangeHandler method to your control as shown below.

Now you can define your handler like below

Here you can simply capture the id of the control

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Adding loading indicator to your Vue.js application

In this tutorial we will see how to add the loading indicator for your Vue.js application so that you can give better user experience to web users. You can follow these steps to add full screen loader https://www.npmjs.com/package/vue-loading-overlay #1 First step is to install the

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How to create Vue applications

In this article we will see how to create vue application with Vue CLI 1 First you install the VUE CLI in your computer. If you already have installed you can skip this step

2 Then you can create the vue project named vue-routing-example

After creating the project you can check whether your […]

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How to run your first React code

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Laravel and Vue.JS Installation

We will try to install the Laravel latest version which comes Vue.js 1 First thing you have to install the composer if you already have not installed in your computer 2 Next you can run following command in your terminal

This will download the composer file to install the Laravel project 3 Now you […]

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All you need to know about Angular Routing

In this article I am going to discuss all you need to know about Angular routing when you develop single page application. In Single page application you have lot of navigation between components and modules. So you can study how to route among components and how to route among modules Why do you need routing […]

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Angular Load json data in Restful API

In this article, I am going to show you how to display JSON data. We will fetch the data in JSON format from the RESTful api. We will follow these steps to do this Create Angular Project Create a component name Products Create a Angular Service to fetch data Add HTTPClient module to AppModule Show […]

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