Learn everything about export default

Why do you need export You can use export statement to export function, objects or primitive values to other JavaScript code. By looking at the following example you can learn how you can export a function to another js code @your util.js file

@your index.js

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Basic Plugin development with Vue.js

In this tutorial, you can learn how to develop basic plug-in in Vue application It is good to have you have basic knowledge on Vue.js What is Vue plug-in It is very simple to define. An object with install method which has two parameters What you can do with Vue Plugin? Vue plugin enables you […]

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What is Vue.use()

You can use Vue.use() global method to install (or call the puug-in) which you develop in your application. (or you can use to call the NPM install plugin) For example, if you have a plugin developed in your existing application called DataLoader, you can use following code to load that to your Vue instance


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Making a commit in Git

Once you created a file or do changes in your folder where you have initialized the Git, you can commit the files to Git repository To do a commit you can run the following commands

When you write a message for the commit command it is recommended to write in present tense form

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Initialize Git for a project

You have to initialize Git if you want to use Git in your project 1 First create empty directory where you want to initialize You can create “MyProject” inside the Documents directory 2 Then go inside MyProject in your Terminal and run the command

This will initialize your MyProject folder for Git and .get […]

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Install Git on Mac computer

Installing Git on Mac computer is very easy task 1 First download the dmg file from Git SCM website 2 Once you get the dmg file, click on the file to run the step by step installation 3 To check out the version of Git you are using following command in your Terminal

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Beginning Git Flow

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Get first and last object in JavaScript Array

When you are developing JS application using Ract,Angular or Vue, you will need to get the first and last element of the object array. You can use the following code to get the first element of the array. It is the 0th element of the array

If you want to get the last element […]

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How to get Timestamp in Javascript

The timestamp in JavaScript is expressed in milliseconds In UNIX timestamp, you have the timestamp in second counting from 1970 If you are given the timestamp you can use the following code to get the date string

You can use the following code to get the timestamp form the date object

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Javascript For Loop

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