Day: June 21, 2018

Laravel RESTful API Development

These days REST API plays major role in web development and developers are heavily use REST API when they build applications. REST is very popular because it is very simple to use and you can build it on top of the HTTP. What is REST? REST stands for Representation State Transfer. We will try to […]

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How to get category of current post

Following code can be used to get the category of the current post which you are dealing with You can use the get_the_category( $post->ID ) to get the category. What you have pass here is the ID of the post. You can get the ID of the post using the $post global variable

Use […]

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Javascript forEach Example

I have a Javascript array with products and its name is product_table. Product is Javascript object type and it will have following look

So product_table will have different types of products. So i can add new product to product_table using push method product_table.push( ) How do you prevent adding duplicate products to product_table instead […]

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