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Install Python on MAC

Python Getting Started

Python is one of the most popular programming language amoung beginners as well as senior developers. In this article we will see how we can install the python3 in a MAc computer First you can download the installation from I have download the installation file for the MAC Then click on the dmg file […]

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VeeValidate with API Response

When you post data from Vue app to the server via Rest Api, server will validate the request. If validation fails server sends the response to app with error messages. So how do you show these error messages in your Vue app? For example, you have entered invalid email and response will be like this […]

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Laravel API Request Validation

Laravel Api Request validation

Laravel Api Request validation to get 402 status code. You can use the following code when you validate your REST Api.

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Vee Validate show errors by REST API server messages Laravel + Vue.js

In your Laravel + Vue Application, you have to do two validations to make error-free application 1 Client side validation 2 Server side validation We are using popular Vee Validate Vue.js package for the client-side validation. In this article, I am going to show you how you can do the server-side validation and show the […]

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How to create model with resource-full controller

In Laravel, you can create Model with resorcefull controller easily by using the following command in your terminal If you want to create model with a controller you can use the followng command

If you want to create Resourefull controller you can use the following command

If you need to create model,controller and […]

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Laravel Model Observer

What is Observer? In Laravel, you can listen to events on a Model. For example, when you update the model product, it will fire the event updated. You can listen to these events and write some code to executes when they fire. There are several events like creating, updating, deleting etc. So you can group […]

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JSON request to Laravel RESTFull API end point

If you want to send JSON request to Laravel RESTFull API end point, you can set he header as shown in the following image. We are using POSTman to show he example Set Accept to application/json With above request you can use the following code in your project

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How to get 200 response code from Laravel REST api

If you want to get 200 success message from your REST api built with Laravel, you can use the following code

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Vue – axios how to chain multiple requests

This is how you can chain multiple request when you use the output of the first request to the input of the second request or You need to call the second request when the first request is finsihed

In this example, first you update the vendor details of the product and then again make […]

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Learn everything about export default

Why do you need export You can use export statement to export function, objects or primitive values to other JavaScript code. By looking at the following example you can learn how you can export a function to another js code @your util.js file

@your index.js

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