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What is Taxonomy in WordPress?

In WordPress, taxonomy is a way of grouping posts (or custom post) based on a relationship. In default WordPress you have the taxonomy category and tags which are groups of the posts based on relationship. You can create taxonomy called recipe, book etc How to create taxonomy in WP You have a function called register_taxonomies() […]

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What is WordPress API?

The¬†WordPress API¬†stands for the WordPress Application Programming Interface. The complete API system of the WordPress is divided in to several sections as shown below. Dashboard Widgets API you can add new widget to admin dashboard Database API HTTP API REST API File Header API Filesystem API Metadata API Options API Plugin API Quicktags API Rewrite […]

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What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a hosting method where you have a set of servers to distribute your computing services among networked servers. Since you have distributed services for your website you have better performance and improved uptime. When one server fails the system will use another server in the pool to provide uninterrupted service to consumers. […]

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