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How do I write to the console from a Laravel Controller?

When you are debuging Laravel code , you may need to get some output from command window where you run the artisan command Run this code inside your php function and you can see the output in terminal

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Vue.js Load select box with REST API Data

In this example, you can see how to load the data to select box using Rest Api.   In template section, you need to have the following code

Next you can add the data variables

Then add the computed values

Finally load the data from the Rest Api

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Ruby Testing

Write your first test @ test\first_test.rb

Now you can run this test on your terminal ruby first_test.rb at

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Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is a software development process -This is somewhat similar to Test Driven Development (TDD) -BDD starts with natural language to describe system so that every one involved in the development, can understand it

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How to get 200 response code from Laravel REST api

If you want to get 200 success message from your REST api built with Laravel, you can use the following code

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What is Vue.use()

You can use Vue.use() global method to install (or call the puug-in) which you develop in your application. (or you can use to call the NPM install plugin) For example, if you have a plugin developed in your existing application called DataLoader, you can use following code to load that to your Vue instance


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Beginning Git Flow

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whereBetween in Laravel to include today

If you pass the post request with following parameter to your Laravel controller you will not get the value for today from : ‘2019-01-01′ to:’2019-01-01’

So you need to change the code following way

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Reactivity of Object Property in Vue

When you develop Vue.js application you can write data objects Reactivity does not work when you add object property on the fly

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Introduction to JWT

JWT stands for JASON Web Token which is an open standard based on RFC 7519 You can use JWT to securely transfer information between any two bodies using JSON objects which is digitally signed so information is trusted and verified JWT can send data via URL, POST request or HTTP header. JWT itself has the […]

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