Complete Guide for Laravel Authentication

November 20, 2017

In this tutorial I am going to implement Laravel authentication system

Database configuration
You can put the database caredentials in the .env file


In database>migration location you can find two files which will create tables needed for Auth

You can run the following command inside the terminal

php artisan migrate

This will generate two tables called users and password_resets in your database. Now you have done the Authentication.

Now you run the following command in your terminal

php artisan make:auth

It is time to test your code

Register Page
You can load the built-in register page at http://localhost/public/register

Login Page
You can load the built-in login page at http://localhost/public/login

Password Reset Page
You can see the password reset page at the the location http://localhost/dev/cc/laravel/user/public/password/reset