From Zero to $4M

Last Updated: May 27, 2021

From Zero to $4M / Year Without Quora, Hacker News, or Mixergy – Jesse Mecham – MicroConf 2014

Jesse Mecham

This is good talk but it does not explain how he grows the business clearly.

He mentioned about the Google Adwords, but did not talk in details

I am unable to figure out how he did the marketing to attract the customers and grow the business.

According to my knowledge , anyone can developer the software( or hire developer) but finding customers are the difficult task.

The story telling skills is very good. You can learn some thing from the talk.

When you listen to founders story you should be able to find answer for following problems otherwise you are wasting your time

How does he build the product?

How much does he spend to build the product?

How did he market product?

Did he spend on paid media?
Did he spend on content marketing?

How long did it take get your first 100 customers?

How did yo grow the business from 100 clients to 1000 clients?

What is your growth plan?