Google Ad Optimization Score

Last Updated: August 26, 2021

Google Ad  Optimization Score

If someone asks you the following question

Is your Google ad campaign running optimally? 

This is a subjective answer and one can say that my  Google Ad campaign is optimal and other will say  Google ad  campaign is not optimal

Then how do you know whether you campaign run optimally?

You have to measure the Google Ad Optimization Score which measures how well your campaign performs. The score lies between 0% to 100%

Anyway, you have to optimize your google ad campaign if you want to win the adwordin this  game

Google Ad has built in tool which tell you the optimization score and recommendation to improve the score

I never trust google recommendations until i test them analyse with my numbers. I had some bad experience when I implemented the google recommendation. Remember this is a game with numbers 

Bid Optimization

Optimal results comes from your campaign when you optimise your campaign

You can optimise your bids to maximise your profit, click through rate, landing page views and conversion rate

Ad Copy Optimization

You can create several ads and rotate them inside the campaign and identify which one gives you the good results

Landing Page Optimization

You can optimize your landing page  get higher ROI

Match Type Optimization

You have to make sure you are using right combination of keyword type like exact , broad, phrase and phrased modified

Search Term Optimization ( Negative keyword)

Always try to grow your negative keyword list in your campaign. By doing so you can optimize your search terms

Quality score optimization

This is the key to a successful adword campaign. 

You can use the following tasks to improve the quality score

– Writing better ad copy for relevance to landing page

– Good landing page

Campaign and Ad Group Optimization

Single keyword ad group

Since you have only one keyword for your ad group you have the full control at the keyword level to that ad group. Then you will find easy to change the parameters inside that Ad group

Budget Optimization

You can optimize the conversion and clicks within the budget allowed. You have daily budget, weekly budget and monthly budget for your campaign and you can optimize your budget to get most profit from your campaign

There are several ways to optimize your budget

You can read this article about budget optimization in Google adwords

Account Optimization

This is to optimize your entire google account. Once you have the entire account start running optimally google will reward you.

How do you measure that? 

Conversion Optimization

This is very important optimization in your campaign because your end goal is to bring customers to your website and convert them to buy product or service from your website

How do you find the optimization score

Although you have several methods to optimize your ad campaign how do you measure it. There are some third party tool like and Google also shows the optimization score inside your campaign

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You can get a 100% score  for your campaign which means you are spending money as google recommends when you have a 100% score.

I do not recommend that and please do not trust google 100% because Google is doing a business and they also want to optimize their profit

Do not optimize to get 100% score instead try to get 90% above just implementing the recommendations without increasing your daily budget

Honestly Google gives you good recommendation but filter out what is suitable for your campaign within your budget constraint

I just focus on end results and do not focus much about the optimization score. These scores are just arbitrary numbers to run your campaign smoothly.

At the end of the I should be responsible for my clients to get good ROI.  So I am implementing some of the recommendation to increase ROI

To answer this question you should measure some values and