Install Tomcat in Mac

February 3, 2018

In this article, we will see how to install Apache Tomcat web server in your Mac computer.

Download the files
First you can download the Zip(Binary distribution) file from the download section of the website. There are several versions of the server. You can select the correct version which is compatible with your Java version installed in your computer

Change the executable permissions
Yoou can copy unzip folder to the desired location of your computer and you can open the terminal and change the directory to the tomcal installation directory.
You need to change the permission of the file so that you can execute the them

 chmod +x *.sh

If you want to see the permission of these files you can run the follwing command in the ternminal

ls -al *.sh

Start the Tomcat server
Now you can start the Tomcat Server by running the following command in the terminal


So, this will start Tomcat Server and you can see the default page on http://localhost:8080