Observer Design Pattern in Visual Basic .NET

Last Updated: September 7, 2017

Observer design pattern is one of the behavior design patterns. This pattern can be identified as publisher – subscriber model. This pattern defines one to many relationship between objects. When oneobjectsx change its states, all the defendent objects are notified automatically. That is why we name this as publisher-subscriber model.

There are main objects in this pattern called Subject and Observer . Observer is dependent object of the Subject and there can be any number of Observers. When subject changes its state all the Observers are notified automatically

Now lets look at the UML diagram of the observer design pattern

observer uml


This interface has method for register and remove observers, and also notify the changes of the state of the object


Observer interface has the update() method where ConcreteObserver can implement it to receive the updates


This class implement the interface Subject and maintain the list of the observers. When it receives update it can call notifyObservers() to send updates to observers


This concrete class implements the Observer interface and maintain a reference to ConcreteSubject

Observer Pattern Implementation in VB.NET

In the following example, I will show you how to implement the observer design pattern with Visual Basic code.

Weather Feed UML

In the above diagram shows how Users are subscribed to Weather data feed. When there is a change in weather it will call the update method with the message and subscribers will receive the message

This is the code for Subject Interface

Public Interface Subject
    Sub Update(ByVal msg As String)
    Sub NotifyObservers()
    Sub AddObserver(ByVal o As Observer)
    Sub RemoveObserver(ByVal o As Observer)

End Interface

This is the code for Observer Interface

Public Interface Observer
    Sub Update(ByVal msg As String)
End Interface

This is the code for Users Concrete Class

Public Class Users
    Implements Observer

    Dim m_subject As Subject
    Dim m_name As String

    Sub New(ByVal obj As Subject, ByVal name As String)
        Me.m_subject = obj
        Me.m_name = name
    End Sub

    Public Sub Update(ByVal msg As String) Implements Observer.Update
        Console.WriteLine(m_name + " Received Updates " + msg)
    End Sub
End Class

This is the code for WeatherFeed Concrete Class

Public Class WeatherDataFeed
    Implements Subject

    Dim observers As New List(Of Observer)
    Dim msg As String

    Public Sub AddObserver(o As Observer) Implements Subject.AddObserver
    End Sub

    Public Sub NotifyObservers() Implements Subject.NotifyObservers
        For Each obj As Observer In observers
    End Sub

    Public Sub RemoveObserver(o As Observer) Implements Subject.RemoveObserver
    End Sub

    Public Sub Update(ByVal msg As String) Implements Subject.Update
        Me.msg = msg
    End Sub
End Class

You can write following code to execute the above observer pattern

Module Module1

    Sub Main()

        Dim w_feed As Subject = New WeatherDataFeed()

        Dim m_observer As Observer = New Users(w_feed, "John")
        Dim ob2 As Observer = New Users(w_feed, "Taylor")

        w_feed.Update("Snow start at 10.30 AM")
        w_feed.Update("Raining start at 11.30 AM")

    End Sub

End Module

Now you can see the following output

John Received Updates Snow start at 10.30 AM
Taylor Received Updates Snow start at 10.30 AM
John Received Updates Raining start at 11.30 AM