SortedList in Visual Basic .NET

Last Updated: March 19, 2020

SortedList collection in VB.NET stored the key-value pairs collections which are sorted by the key
This is a simple code written in VB.NET to show how SortedList work. I have added the days of the week to the SortedList in random way.

Module Module1

    Sub Main()
        Dim slist As New SortedList

        slist.Add("2", "Monday")
        slist.Add("1", "Sunday")
        slist.Add("7", "Saturday")
        slist.Add("5", "Thursday")
        slist.Add("4", "Wednesday")
        slist.Add("6", "Friday")
        slist.Add("3", "Tuesday")

        For Each element As DictionaryEntry In slist

            Console.WriteLine("key = " + element.Key + "   Value = " + element.Value)

    End Sub

End Module


key = 1   Value = Sunday
key = 2   Value = Monday
key = 3   Value = Tuesday
key = 4   Value = Wednesday
key = 5   Value = Thursday
key = 6   Value = Friday
key = 7   Value = Saturday

When you look at the output of the iteration you can see that key has been sorted