Vue or React in 2020?

Last Updated: May 3, 2020

According to the StackOverflow survey, React.js is the popular framework than the Vue.js

Vue or React in 2020 for web app building?

Look at the google trend

React Vue Angular Google Trend

When you analyze the trend you can see, all these three frameworks hav flat trend in last 12 months period. According to the graph Vue has taken the lead. But from beginning of 2020, react is leading the trend

If you have used both these frameworks to build web app you may have realized Vue and React frameworks are excellent JS framework to work with

What is the difference between React.js and Vue.js?

  • Vue makes use of template with declarative rendering
  • React uses JSX syntax which is a JS extension

So Vue is more friendly code compare to React.js code. Developers do not need to know core js to work wth Vue.js code