What is Containerization?

Last Updated: May 31, 2021

As a developer you develop the application in your computer and submit the application to testing team to test the business logic of the application

You know what is going to happen now.

It may gives some errors and bugs when the testing team start running it so they are unable to test the business logic of th application.

Why this is happening? – Because testing team’s computer has got diffrent environment than the development team.

How do you create the same environment for the application irrespective of where it is running.

That is where Containerization comes in to play.

You can define the containerization:

It is a form of operating system virtualization, through which applications are run in isolated user spaces called containers, all using the same shared operating system (OS)

In other words I can explain the process of containerization

When you develop a software application or package you put executables, dependencies and configurations are packaged together as a container image called container

Microsoft is one of the main cloud vendors supporting Docker